ANTHROPOLOGIE Fluttered Fete Skirt

Anthropologie “Fluttered Fete” midi skirt By Eva Franco

Do you feel like twirling in this skirt? I don’t blame you! This is my all time favorite wardrobe piece! The Anthropologie Fluttered Fete Midi skirt by Eva Franco, is love at first sight. A midi tulle skirt is a no brainer when it comes to making a standout look. Eva Franco makes this piece unique with intricate stitching of plant vines and chiffon flowers that pop right off the skirt, giving this piece it’s flutter look and feel. The extra layer of tulle underneath the lining of this A-line skirt adds a little pouf for a flouncy look.

What To Wear

Keep calm. Its Fashion, not rocket science. The “fluttered fete” skirt is perfect if you’re attending a formal affair and need to add a dressy top and sparkly heels. Tulle is a fabric commonly used for formal garments and tutus. My personal rule of style for wearing formal fabrics, is to pair them with casual pieces, creating a more wearable look and comfortable feel. This gives more balance to the ensemble. Nothing feels more awkward than riding the subway in a ballgown or wearing jeans and sneakers to a wedding. If you are the edgy type, I do recommend a leather moto jacket or a denim over shirt.  A simple solid colored tee or graphic will make this skirt easier to look at when taking a stroll through Manhattan. If you are going for a solid color top, I recommend something with a little texture. The focus on this outfit is obviously the skirt which has plenty of texture in place, so it is important to keep slight textures on the top and minimal graphics. Fashion lives on the streets. Especially in the city. Which is why your shoes will always be a key element to any outfit. I prefer flesh toned heels that mimic my skin tone because they make my legs look lean and defined. Even in a midi skirt. It also keeps the focus on my skirt and doesn’t distract from the beauty of it. After all, the fluttered fete skirt is the star of the outfit. Overall, the “fluttered fete” midi skirt is a feminine, chic, and noteworthy piece to keep in your wardrobe. With it’s timeless silhouette, the splurge on this beauty is definitely worth the investment.


TOP: Pookie and Sebastian graphic tee. Hollister pink crop tank.

SKIRT: Anthropologie Fluttered Fete Midi Skirt by Eva Franco.

SHOES: Banana Republic Dakota lace up heels.

NECKLACE: Abercrombie and Fitch.

Photo by: Joseph Akhuetie


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