SIMPLY Beauty Conference NYC

SIMPLY Beauty Conference NYC

Up until recently, I had never heard of the SIMPLY Beauty Conference. This event was powered by NYLON. I’m so glad I looked into it and got to experience the event during Fashion Week. Fashion Week is what most consider going to the shows, and the now trending, street style fad in which many hope to get noticed by a flock of photographers looking for outrageous outfits. I don’t think this trend is fading out anytime soon. It’s not fashion week without it. So I was glad the Simply Beauty Conference had something different to offer. After taking a look at the Simply and learning and learning about the event, I was dying for a VIP ticket. Since this was out of my budget with the spring semester approaching, I went with the social butterfly pass which was totally worth it. I was able to connect with those who share my interest in fashion, beauty, and blogging.


There were different stations set up for companies to advertise their products, apps, and shops. Each station had their own unique set up for snapping pics and complimentary samples of their products. The first company I noticed was “Wen”. I’m sure most of you are familiar with the infamous hair treatment line by Chaz Dean. How could anyone resist sitting on a fur seated swing with floral vine handles. The photographers who took  professionally done photos also gave you printed copies within minutes after taking your pictures and the option to have them texted to your phone. Before I could have my picture taken I was given a handmade flower crown that I got to customize with different color options offered to me. No Snapchat filter needed.




Overall The Simply Beauty Conference was a social event for people to be able connect with each other, share interest, and mingle. The companies advertising their products were very generous and showed a lot of creativity in how they advertise using unique photo backdrops and set ups. The atmosphere felt relaxed and not overwhelming while still having an upbeat energy with all the excitement. The Social Butterfly pass was totally worth it. I’ll be the first to sign up when SIMPLY makes their return to NYC.


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