Kate Spade Ma Cherie Antoine Sima Bag

Kate Spade Ma Cherie Antoine Sima Bag

This bag is perfect for sassing up a casual daytime outfit. The Kate Spade “Ma Cherie Antoine Sima” cross body clutch adds a sleek yet quirky touch to a dinner party or a night out with friends. The bottom of the bag is flat and expands as you place more items inside. It’s also spacious enough to fit my keys/keychains, my iPhone Plus, lipstick, and a small hairbrush. I usually can’t carry bulkier items like these in my more delicate clutches. The Sima clutch doubles as a cross body with its removable gold chain.



Saffiano leather is used for this bag which makes it less likely to be scratched. Since I don’t own an actual French Bulldog, at least I get to where one! This Ahhh – dorable Frenchie makes for a versatile accessory that goes with many outfits adding a unique yet simple touch.



Honestly, with this clutch you really can’t go wrong. Black and white are two colors that go with EVERYTHING, but sometimes when a piece contains black and white being used together it becomes challenging to pair with multiple colors, but it doesn’t have to be. That’s why I’m here to help you spin the color wheel and throw in some patterns to make creating your best look be effortless.


Florals, plaids, stripes, you name it. The bold contrast of black and white in this Sima clutch makes it easier to pair with delicate florals, pinstripes, and madras plaid. Pairing these types of patterns with bold contrasting colors (even black & white) gives the outfit a more balanced look and feel without being to busy. Check, houndstooth and gingham patterns in a smaller size are also a good choice to compliment your Frenchie clutch.


Wearing the right color is essential for any outfit and if it involves a particular accessory you want to wear it with. My personal favorite when it comes to experimenting with black and white pieces, is to add a pop of yellow. Wearing the color of the sun seems to scare some people away from wearing it. Adding a neutral tends to mute the color a bit. Another good choice is sky blue and also any light blue that is more on the pale side. Mint and emerald green are among to colors that would work well with this clutch. If you’re on the fence about experimenting with the color spectrum I recommend layering your look with a neutral color jacket. No matter which way you decide to wear your Kate Spade Ma Cherie bag, you’re definitely amping up your wardrobe with an eye catching statement piece.




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