Heart Eyes Sunglasses

Heart Eyes Sunglasses

These sunglasses have me feeling #totaly80s baby! Even though I am 90s baby. I’ve been searching for a pair of heart shaped sunglasses and finally got my hands on a pair at my favorite boutique Mulberry and Grand. I came across this small spot which is literally a hole in the wall on Bleecker street, but inside it’s so much more. With a shabby chic atmosphere, this shop has a unique selection of delicate jewelry, canvas totes, and sunglasses to name a few.

The Heart Eyes Sunglasses make me feel like I’m one of the emojis. These are perfect for sun gazing at the city piers.

Another one of my favorite items from Mulberry & Grand are their well made canvas totes. I’m more of a leather handbag girl myself but sometimes I need something more casual for when I’m at dance, hitting, the gym, or just a day of running errands. You can never go wrong with a trendy tote, but then again you don’t want to look like you’re still in high school. Mulberry & Grand offers a selection of unique graphics and quotes printed on their totes. The bag also features sturdy leather straps that haven’t failed me along with two functional pockets on the inside and outside of the bag which actually fits my iPhone Plus. Not only do they have trendy totes, M&G offers a generous selection of handmade tassels that add a pop of color to your tote giving it a bit more personality.

If you’re in need of an accessory update, I HIGHLY recommend taking a spree inside Mulberry & Grand. I guarantee you’ll be hearing “that’s so cute where did you get that?” after rocking their pieces. I know I did!


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