It’s New Year again in the fashion industry. Time for New Yorkers to strut mini skirts, fur coats, and heels in 30 degree weather. With all the street photographers ready to attack, catching a minor cold might be worth it. I have been keeping a keen eye on the Libertine clothing brand since the September shows in 2017. Now that I’ve finally been given the privilege to attend the show, I couldn’t help gushing over every piece that passed me on the runway. The eccentric L.A. based brand is known for using bright colors, bold custom patterns, and jeweled embellishments. Needless to say, Libertine clothing follows their own rules of fashion.

With each passing model, my eyes were instantly captured by some serious bling. One design in particular was a women’s black blazer with a sleek slip underneath adorned with watches dangling off the garments. TREND ALERT: Watches are no longer limited to your wrist. This was art in itself. Giving me the impression that time doesn’t control us. We each have our own timing and move according to our own clocks. Much like fashion, the clothes are not made to fit people. People are made to bring the clothes to life. Libertine epitomizes this statement as I find their brand to be one that encourages people use individuality in their style.

As for the finale, I had a hard time keeping my phone still while I was recording because I wanted to jump out of my seat and dance along with the models. This wasn’t your usual finale with models clapping their hands to end the show. Libertine ended the show with models dancing down the runway creating excitement in the audience. The entire gallery became filled with smiles and louder cheers. Cheers to Libertine for having such a lively show and alluring collection.


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