It should be no secret that September is the January of the fashion industry. Much like new years when everyone is making resolutions, getting gym memberships, and following superstitions. The beginning of September rings in a mission to update wardrobes, devour bible thick magazine issues, and cautions all designers not to use green thread the night before a show. As I prefer to call us “fashion minions”, are not waiting on a ball to drop for one night. This season we are all waiting for the doors to open at Clarkson Square for one week and remain glued to our high tech screens for live streams of our favorite designers.
The first day of fashion week felt like a breathe of fresh air. All the shopping for something new to don, blistered feet from high heels, and running out of Uber credit so you can make it to other shows in time (and soothe those poor blistered puppies) without the train delays, is definitely worth it.
My highlight of the week has to be the Desigual fashion show. No question. This wasn’t your usual fashion show. Instead of the classic “strut”, these models were dancing/vogueing on the runway. The intricate garments made a huge statement exuding diversity. The experience truly exceeded my expectations and so did the choreography. I applaud Desigual for putting together such a standout show and creating garments that supplied a beautiful and unique representation of culture.
What I Wore…
Over the Labor Day weekend I was sifting through the infamous “soho strip”, pacing up broadway from TriBeCa just to find something to wear to fashion week. All the stores had deals and of course new in season items which is typically a common phenomena with retailers strolling out racks of shiny duds this time of year. The January of Fall, Duh. With so many options I just didn’t know where to drop my long saved cash. As I’m getting closer to Houston street, Desigual beckons me with its vivid storefront and exotically antique looking decor. I hesitantly step in as I’m exhausted from the long walk. There I am greeting by pleasant sales associates, who might I add, made my experience enjoyable with their gregarious personalities.
Though I felt tired my eyes were widened by the stunning decor of champagne glasses hanging from the ceiling, dim lighting, and embroidered garments. As soon as I slip on their “Ainhoa” jacket, my heart screeches “I’m wearing this to fashion week!!!!”  I was glowing in that jacket and since I don’t “glow” often, at least I could wear something to make me feel like I am.
The “Ainhoa” jacket has such striking yet subtle details that make it a standout piece for any occasion. It’s comfortable and lightweight with added warmth in the knit sleeves. Pulling off sequins, mismatch sleeves, and embroidered lapels is quite an excruciating task but finding the right piece to fit this description? Now that’s a manhunt! I’m just glad I waltzed in to Desigual and conquered that challenge. To make my experience even more satisfying, Desigual gave me this awesome canvas duffel with my purchase! I’ll be getting lots of wear out of this bag for sure! Not only was I ecstatic about my jacket but with my store experience as well. Needless to say I will absolutely be returning to Desigual for more purchases.
I didn’t want to take much attention away from the jacket so I paired it with a white high neck lace embroidery top from Zara and a black frilled skort also from Zara. Black and white is an obvious choice but I wanted to make due with items I already owned. Since the best thrift store is always in your closet I decided to check their first and it worked. The texture in the top gave my outfit something more to look at than your average white tank. The short frilled bottoms allowed for more attention to my jacket without any distractions. As much as I was dying for a red pair of boots I didn’t want to have a cut off look to my outfit. I went with a pair of Kelsi Dagger open toe booties. The tan color nearly matches my skin complexion which elongates the leg, giving a more long and lean look. This is essentially necessary when you are my height (specific height not relevant). To finish off the ensemble I found my Kate Spade 60’s radio clutch on the shelf of my closet. I like to call this a “conversation piece” because it always gets so many compliments and attracts a lot of attention since it’s such an unusual piece without being too flashy.

I’m a fashion enthusiast that strives to create looks that fit my persona, effortlessly. Art exhibits, reading, the news and anything peaks my interest and strikes creativity, are all put into my blog to share with you.


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