Anthropologie Floral Puffer Coat

Anthropologie Floral Puffer Coat

It’s soft. It’s plushy. It’s suede. It’s pretty! It’s the total “It” factor for your coat rack this winter. The Floral Puffer from Anthropologie. This cold weather “must have” keeps you warm and looking cute. If you’re a New York native you’ve heard this statement too many times: “this is not the weather to be looking cute.” The Floral Puffer has proved this theory wrong.

Photos: Rachel Wasserman
Anthropologie Floral Puffer Coat
Sweater: LOFT

I was expecting this to be a bulky, heavyweight jacket. To my delight it was actually lightweight and allowed for a sweater underneath.

I’ve been seeing pink velvet puffer jackets all over the gram and many online retailers. I was tempted to get one of these cotton candy-esque puffers but, the more I kept seeing them, the less unique it became. What’s the sense in investing in a statement piece that every girl on campus, the gram, and in the boroughs will have. It’s just another basic (although very cute) fad and I’m not interested.

Velvet is a trending resurrection from the 90s and I’m all for it. But I also have a have a habit of making my fashion choices all Kaye’d up by choosing pieces that have a certain flare that resonates with me. It’s not style if it doesn’t reflect who you are. Aside from the whimsy floral pattern and beautifully washed out navy blue color, suede is what really adds uniqueness to this coat.

Suede is a timeless material and is commonly used for footwear. You will also find it used for many pea coats (particularly a raw edge cut), moto jackets, and some handbags. While velvet is a beautiful material, it can also look a little cheap depending on the garment. Suede typically gives a garment (like a shift dress) a structured and polished look.

Anthropologie Floral Puffer Coat

The floral puffer is made with a light suede fabric that makes the floral pattern appear neatly placed on the jacket without being too flashy. It adds subtlety to an already eye catching piece.

Let’s get Kaye’d up!
When it comes to patterns and prints, I like to seek out the smallest dosage of color used, to add a matching one color bold piece to bring out the little bit of that particular color that was used in the print. For the Floral Puffer Coat, I noticed small hints of light pink and lilac. Perhaps light pink would be the obvious choice for anyone to work with. I thought so too. Initially I sought to put a light pink knit top underneath the jacket. It ended up looking too clashed. This is because the main color of the jacket already has a washed out look to begin with. The pastel pink I chose only made it worse because pastels are technically washed out colors making them to appear light. Pink and blue are total opposite colors and in this case was not a good mix. The icy blue sweater I’m wearing brought out the floral print even more because it is a similar shade of blue used on the print. It created a nice contrast without being distracting and keeps the attention on the jacket itself. After all, the Floral Puffer will be the showstopper to any outfit.


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