Elena Bornstein at York College

Award winning contemporary artist, Elena Bornstein has an exhibit at York College. The former York College professor has her airbrushed paintings on display that is inspired by traveling experiences throughout different countries she’s visited. Bornstein’s paintings portray a unique, vibrant use of color and precise architecture.

The enticing display of paintings seems to be a well kept secret as students (including myself) were not aware of this exhibit. As my journalism class stepped into an empty art gallery, I spoke with Justin Capera while my fellow classmates looked curiously at Bornstein’s paintings. Capera, who is a senior at York College and majors in Journalism has an interest in art. He says he knew about York’s art exhibits until our journalism professor spoke about it in class.

“I found her work to be very vibrant. I enjoyed the colors and enjoyed the way the art made me feel. It made me feel joy”, said Capera. Capera also says that the college doesn’t let students know about exhibits or sends any emails.

I agree with Capera as I myself didn’t know about Bornstein’s work on campus until I read the school’s newspaper, Pandora’s Box.

Aside from not being well informed about Bornstein’s exhibit until I went to class, her work is something to be shared with more students on campus. Her paintings took my mind off of the common school related worries that most students deal with. It was a pleasant and relaxing experience. Bornstein’s painting truly captures they viewers attention, forcing them to step foot into the places she’s been too and taken her inspiration from.


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