Keeping it in The City

Keeping it in The City

As a New Yorker born and raised in Queens, I’m always looking for an outlet to get local news about my city. Grabbing a newspaper on my commute into the other boroughs isn’t always as convenient as having the news on my phone. The City is a non profit news site that brings direct reporting to New Yorkers. Before I even read any of the articles, I was quite impressed with their Pigeon logo. Some New Yokers are too embarrassed to admit that the Pigeon is the official bird of NYC. IT IS. The City site covers stories in all boroughs in New York. Check out the links below for some of the articles I found most interesting. These articles include NYC classrooms, subway delays, and budgets for construction.

NYC Classrooms With No A/C

Subway Graffiti Costs & Delays

Developers Donate to Queens DA Candidate


I’m an actress habituated with train delays in my favorite heels, and proud of it. I use fashion as my script. Wearing contrastive styles gives me a chance to perceive an unfamiliar character. If putting on a new pair of shoes and adding new styles to your wardrobe makes you feel more confident, then you’ll revel in my blog!


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