Thrifting Through ZARA

It’s one of the most recognized names in fast fashion. Zara. You can’t walk down the busy shopping areas in Manhattan without seeing the name proudly being flaunted on the paper bag by a fashion enthusiast or anyone who wants to give their look an upgrade. If you see someone with a Zara shopping bag gripped by their tight fingers, you know they’ve just bought something trendy. The problem I have with trends is that many people follow them at once and they have a short closet life. The problem I have with trending styles from Zara is that many people will own it or have seen it in the store. You might think you look ever so stylish in that new Zara topcoat (you probably do) without realizing many people might know where you got your topcoat from. The loss of uniqueness is irritating to me. Zara has a great reputation of making people look fashion forward, and bad reputation of making people look the identical. Where’s the astonishment that makes people stop you on the street to ask where you got your clothes from? True fashion is on the street but, not when everyone gets them from the same place.

I had my design professor tell me that he hates wearing the same thing as everyone else. I concur. He would buy nice in-season shirts from Banana Republic and leave them in his closet for three years and then wear them out. After three years of not seeing a popular item, it’s evident that those shirts would be seen as unique and trendsetting. I don’t have the self discipline to stash away any new peice of clothing I buy. I need to wear it immediately. At the very least, a special occasion. I do however, have the savviness to find passed-season clothing from online sellers (eBay, Poshmark, Mercari) in pristine condition, years later. That’s exactly what I did when I bought this white puff sleeve blouse with Swiss dots from the Mercari app. I bought it new with tags the listing said it was from Zara’s 2018 collection. Once I wore this top outside, everyone wanted to know where I got it from. My online thrifting for this one top, turned into a treasure hunt for more vintage Zara tops. Here are a few more I found.

Wearing clothes from old collections can give your wardrobe a fresh update. You can elevate your style with pieces that are old or wearing what is current. Your style is personal to you. It’s important to create looks that fit you, not the window mannequin. 


I’m a fashion enthusiast that strives to create looks that fit my persona, effortlessly. Art exhibits, reading, the news and anything peaks my interest and strikes creativity, are all put into my blog to share with you.


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